How To Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Lets take a second to talk about one of the biggest challenges of working in business- whether you're a CEO, a VP, a Blogger, a Designer or even in Finance everyone has one thing in common (yes- even Warren Buffett faced this fear): the fear of speaking in front of the masses is real.

If you met me, you would think I am fearless when it comes to speaking in public. What you may not know is that this wasn't always the case. I owe this to my Public Speaking course I took at the University of Florida.  There were 20 other people in the class and we all had difficulty articulating our name, thoughts and projects. The impact this class had on my life was huge. You would think I learned the most from my marketing, advertising or business classes... but this wasnot the case. I encourage students, no matter what you are majoring in to enroll in a Public Speaking course! I encourage my colleagues, friends and acquaintances who are already successful that it's never too late to further your career by signing up for a Public Speaking class.

With that, here is some inspiration that I found from Create & Cultivate all about public speaking. I read... was inspired... so of course wanted to share with you.

"Don't filter yourself because everyone can tell. Be authentic-- that will help you be conversational. And don't worry about what you think they want to hear."- Annie Lawless. NY Times Best Seller, Co-Founder SUJA, Creator

"Memorize three things you know you want to say. Don't memorize anything else because you'll sound like a robot. And have a code word for yourself. Mine is solar plexus, for when I tap into my power."- Danielle Duboise, Co-Founder Sakara Life

"The key to public speaking is to disassociate, j/k, to connect to what you are expressing, and just remember no one really ever cares more than you do." -  Sophia Rivka Rossi, Co-Founder Hello Giggle

"The worst thing you can do on stage is think about yourself. What matters is the audience. So get out of your head and your inspirational insight will find a way into theirs."- Jaclyn Johnson, Founder Create & Cultivate

"Speak from your heart. Everyone can understand passion...oh yeah and 'takeaways.' Leave people with something actionable."- Julia Rice, Co-Founder SOULCYCLE

"Practice makes perfect. Be your presentation. Know your presentation or the subject you are speaking about so well that it becomes second nature. Also, dress to impress. The better dressed you are, the more confidence you will have speaking in pubic."- Marissa Casey Fuchs, Fashion Ambitionist