One thing that is exciting, yet terrifying about this site... is sharing all of my secrets. I am at once excited and eager to share with you my #1 Life Hack, Mastering Pinterest.

I pin everything... from the content I produce at work, to the shoes I am coveting, to the jewelry I can't afford, to the exact way I want to decorate my home. Pinterest is my traveling "to do" list of everything I don't need, but want so incredibly bad. To inspire you, my readers (that sounds so amazing to say!), here are 6 reasons why Pinterest is everything.

How you ask? Well, just take a look at my board titled "WORK". Almost every piece of custom content I've created for my clients is pinned to this board. Someone wants to see a program I executed over a year ago... I can pull it up in a snap! I'll also Pin great executions done by my colleagues and reference them on client meetings. Can you say #nailedit?!

Pinterest out searches Google on any given day. Want to know what to do and what to see on a trip... just type in your destination on Pinterest. 1, 2, 3...  and you'll have everything you need to do and see in that city. Pin away and you'll instantly have a mobile to do list.

Next stop on my list, LONDON. Suggestions welcomed.

Not sure which plush blanket to buy? Have an interest in black ceilings (yes, this is chic)? Don't know how to style that canopy bed that you've had your eye on? Well... search Pinterest(as simple as typing in: plush blanket, grey and white living room, etc) and endless amounts of inspiration will come your way. You'll also be able to find the perfect product at every price point... trust. Follow my Chic DECOR board, it's on point!!!